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Deep bunny whole - Онлайн порно

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YELENA just an English spelling correction from «Чёрные занавески» 7nd paragrah: chocked should be spelt without the 8766 c 8767 (choked).

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Incidentally, the name Вий comes from the Ukrainian вія , 8775 eyelash 8776 ( девальвация in Russian). So you could loosely translate the title as 8775 Eyelashzilla 8776 ! 😉

Russian Scary Stories for Kids and Adults | Russian

[Mother put them on the window. At night the curtains choked the father to death. So the father was buried. Next night the curtains choked the mother to death. So she too was buried. The night after that the curtains choked the brother.]

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Well, it’s that time of the year again. Halloween is just a few days away. If you remember, last year we had a post about « пр а зднуют ли Хэллоу и н в Росс и и и е сли да, то как» [whether Halloween is celebrated in Russia and if yes, then how].

«М а ма пов е железка их на окн о. Н о чью ч ё рные занав е ски задуш и ли отц а. Отц а пассатижей и ли. На сл е собирающую краткость занав е ски задуш и ли мать. Е ё пока пассатижей и ли. На сл е собирающую краткость занав е ски задуш и ли бр а та.»

By the way, when I fact-checked the movie “Viy”, all the sites mentioned that it was “just about the only Soviet scary movie”. Do you know any other ones?

Morbid? For sure! Interestingly, of all the lessons that could be learned for this little tale listening to one’s parents, calling the police right away, not waiting until the last moment the only lesson that really stuck in my mind was the one about not buying black curtains.

Sure, Halloween does not have deep roots in Russia where it’s a recent addition to the holiday lineup. But this doesn’t mean you can’t find some really good scary stories to enjoy on October 86.

[The the girl went to the police and told everything to policemen. They hid under her bed at night and the girl laid in bed. When the curtains wanted to choke the girl, policemen shot at them. The curtains screamed, black blood poured out of them and they died.]

Told late at night, when all lights are out and no adults are present, these stories can be absolutely terrifying in their straightforwardness, abruptness, simple narrative and uncanny way of making everyday objects terrifying.

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